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Basic SEO guide: Get your content on Google

 In this article, we will attractively talk to you about the basic principles of SEO, how to raise your content in the Google results.We hope that the webdaran company can provide you with a suitable solution so that you can use it.
You might be wondering why you need an SEO guide and why you should use SEO techniques in your project if what you love is writing.
 It is normal for you to think this way and many experts believe that they do not need to use SEO positioning for companies, but you should think about one thing.
 There are many people like you who love to write and do it very well.
I tell you this because it is not enough to have a beautiful website and write a quality article, close the post, publish it and think that Google will already be responsible for positioning it because it knows it very well, this It is the first case.
If you want to appear in the first results of Google, you must do good SEO in your content, and this is possible if you follow a series of steps that you see in this tutorial and use SEO tools.
What is SEO or search engine optimization? 
SEO (search engine optimization) involves optimizing a website to be as high as possible in search results (Google, Bing...) Although you use other techniques to attract traffic to your website, SEO is one of the best And the most lasting ways to attract qualified traffic to your website. 
You will see all this in this SEO guide, but first you need to know that there are 2 types of SEO:
 SEO Offpage .1
 SEO Onpage .2
What is Offpage SEO?
 Off Page SEO is anything you can do "off your website" to increase positioning. This mainly involves getting links (link building) pointing to your website. In this way, as long as the links you receive are from reputable sites and if possible with a similar topic, you can increase credibility.
 You can learn more about it in this post: There are times when we cannot control the links that enter the web and we can receive low quality or malicious links.
If there is no way to get links naturally, you can always go to this list of free links or choose to buy links on quality platforms.
 What is SEO On Page?
 On Page SEO involves directly optimizing your website by following Google's guidelines (if you want to avoid getting penalized) Google doesn't say you don't do SEO. If they give you a manual of good practices, it's only natural that you follow it by heart.
 In this way, it adds points to your website to rank it at the highest possible level. Writing for Google is not writing for a machine. 
Google tells you what people are looking for. It helps you create content that helps the user, which can reward you.
 For this reason, it is imperative that you follow SEO guidelines like the one you are about to read so that every post you write from now on is useful for both the user and Google.
 This is how you can see that such good content you write ranks first in the Serps.
 Why not get ranked if you apply good on-page SEO?
 It's harder to fool Google these days, your top web probably did a good job of being there, a few years ago you could see optimized articles with no value in the first position, it's harder than it is now. 
. Currently, the positions that usually occupy the first positions are for the following reasons: 
They add value to the reader:
 They continue to satisfy the reader's need for specific search and create a good user experience. 
Usually, that domain located has a certain authority:
 The domain may be a few months old or a few years old and has gained notoriety in the face of Google. 
You probably have good off-page SEO and quality external links. 
This person has applied good SEO in his article. It is possible for a website to make the most of Google's Crawbudget by using robots.txt wisely.
 The web has good indexing of its content. It has good web page loading speed.
 You've done good keyword research to get traffic from thousands of different search variables.
 These online marketing tips are general and it is likely that in the future some web pages will continue on the same site and many others will eventually fail if they do not pay attention to the aspects necessary for a site to function properly in all of their cases.
 Optimization and Usability Sections Although today Google is more than simple keyword analysis (keyword research for beginners), it is essential that your website is technically and architecturally complete (you can learn how to do this in See the article on SEO analysis).
 From here it is imperative that all content follows guidelines. 
Always produce the best and highest quality articles to respect your users and get the best results from Google.
We have reached the end of the article, I hope you enjoyed it, thank you for writing the article of Siavash Rostami.
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